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My GamesCom 2012 Review.

My GamesCom 2012 review. 

I didn’t get to play every game that I wanted to play but the ones that I did were more than worth the wait to play.

Tomb Raider- I’m sure you guys have seen the gameplay videos for this game and they look incredible. Just like the game. The game plays great! A lot like Uncharted (Mainly because Tomb Raiders a huge influence on Uncharted) and is very smooth and responsive. The demo was about the first 30 minutes of the game. The story so far seemed good and I’m hoping that the game merges together nice and will be good. It’s definitely at top tier game and should be on your radar.

Metal Gear Rising- Revengeance- I wasn’t really anticipating this game but I knew Konami would deliver something good and that it was probably worth waiting in line for. And of course… It was. This game is action packed and I think anybody that is a fan of Metal Gear or games like God of War or Dantes Inferno will like this game. The graphics didn’t look as good to me as say.. Metal Gear Solid 4 but the game is still in development and I wouldn’t hold that against it. The gameplay is smooth and only takes a couple of minutes to get used to. I would for sure recommend this to ANY gamer.

Resident Evil 6- I didn’t get to play hands on but we watched the demo of it and the demo was straight to the point action. A lot of the older Resident Evils were slower paced but this one was faster and looked good while doing it. It comes out Oct. 2 so be ready.

NBA 2K13- This game did not impress me one bit. Probably since you only get a 5 min quarter to play but being at a huge game convention. I think the small changes that 2K implemented went unappreciated.

*If you are NOT a Call of Duty, please scroll down.*

Black Ops 2- If you are a CoD fan, then you should be pretty excited about this one. MW3 didn’t really bring much “change” to the multiplayer last year. This time around, Treyarch brought some key core changes to the game. For more serious players of the game these features will help balance the game. Skill based matchmaking and League playlists are definitely gonna make things better but that is self explanatory. 

The Create a Class system is overhauled by using a point system and getting out of the stiff and plain system that used to be. Now you can substitue any section of your class as long as you have 1 of the 10 points still. This changes things a lot, since you can go into matches with a primary/ no secondary, no perks, no grenades or any combo that you can think of. Also they use wild cards to change things up. Wild cards include Overkill (2 primary weapons) and Primary Gun 1 (Add another attatchment to your primary weapon). These may sound small but for the hardcore CoD players this change should help the overall game. 

The 2 new game modes are really good as well. They aren’t original because they’re pretty much Multi-team tdm and King of the Hill from Halo. It’s just about time that CoD has added them.

Also they include the Shoutcast feature for tourneys and private matches. Just like MLG events, a spectator will be able to cast the game and slide through each of the teams players and overhead map to call out the gameplay. That is a huge improvement imo. You can also stream straight from the game if you are into that kinda thing for the YouTube and etc. With these new features and the futuristic timeline, Zombie mode and the story (being written by the writer of Dark Knight Rises) I think this installment will get gamers back into the groove of things with CoD. It wont revolutionize anything but it will be nice to have a more balanced game.. We’ll see at least. For sure Treyarch gets my vote over Infinity Ward now after this showing and MW3’s last now. We ended up winning 2 rounds of the multi-team tdm getting some dope tees and they even interviewed us and I’m just waiting for Treyarch to upload the footage :)

*Ok you can read again now!*

I also got to play Little Big Planet Vita which looks to be shaping up nicely. The graphics are really good and the cross play between the Vita and PS3 will definetly give that damn WiiU a runs for whatever money it might make.

*Notable games that I missed :(
Dishonored-which was covered by Brandon GreatestEva Carlson

PlayStation All Stars- Couldnt play but my goodness. Watch out Nintedo. The game is looking great and really creative with the interactions between the fighters and the levels.

The Last of Us- What more can I say.. I fucked up and shoulda saw this one =/

Remember Me- I didn’t miss this but this game should DEF be on your radar if you havent seen it before please watch this vid!

Borderlands 2- I really wanted to wait for the game but seeing as it comes out soon, I just skipped out… Sigh..

Medal of Honor- The game looks effing good. Sort of a cross between Call of Duty and Battlefield. Really wanted to get my hands on this but the line was huge.

ZombieU- The only WiiU game that is looking any good or orignal.

I attatched links to gameplay or trailers for each game. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions!

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